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Used automobile sales aren’t what they once were. The days of having to place a “for sale” sign in your back window, meet a stranger with some cash, or visit dozens of dealerships in order to sell an old car are long gone.

More people than ever are selling their cars online in the 21st century choice these days. It’s quick, safe, and hassle-free to sell your automobile to Cash For Cars because we’ll be there for you every step of the way. And if you do experience a hiccup, our quick customer care is available to get you back on track.

There is, however, some skepticism among certain people, who believe that the internet is still somewhat of a frontier. You could encounter possible scams on some of the well-known platforms, including Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, because they offer less security for purchasers.

We want you to be secure while selling your automobile, so we’ve compiled a quick list of some typical errors people make when doing so online. To avoid all of these, get a free, instant quote and sell your car right now.

Offering Potential Scammers Your Banking Information

A typical scam on websites like Craigslist involves a potential buyer contacting you and requesting your bank information. Do not give out your bank information for any reason. No reputable buyer needs your bank information to get you money.

Putting Their Residence as a Test Drive Location

You’re selling your car, not your home. Until you find a buyer you can trust, keep your home’s address a secret. Putting your address down on an online listing or even in response to a short message from a stranger is not wise.

Allowing Anyone to Call or Text Them at Any Time Using Their Phone Number

Same as before: until you have a reliable buyer, stick to using the in-platform messaging system to avoid receiving spam calls or being contacted by strangers.

After The Price, Writing “Obo” To Encourage Lowball Offers

There’s no way to miss this! Do you want a fair price? It is possible that someone will counter your reasonable price with a reasonable counter, but if you put “obo” right in your listing, you are telling anyone considering your vehicle that you are absolutely willing to go lower.

Failing To Properly Transfer the Title by Completing a Bill of Sale

When selling a car, always make sure the title is legally transferred because you don’t want to be held responsible for someone else’s parking fines (and title jumping is against the law!).

Spending A Lot of Effort or Money Repairing the Car Before the Sale

It simply isn’t worth it sometimes. It is the rare case that you will get back the money you put into repairing or upgrading your car. Do these things if you want a repaired or upgraded car, but not for the sole purpose of selling your car for more.

Most of the time, if you stay calm, selling a car online is trouble-free. But with Cash For Cars, you can really jump in certain that you won’t waste any time or money going back on a shady dealer. Contact us today to sell your car right away.