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There are countless factors that may cause you to put off selling your old car. Our goal at Cash For Cars is to make the car-selling process as quick and simple as possible. You provide us with information about your automobile (make, model, condition, etc.), we make you an immediate offer, and a tow truck comes to pick up your car in exchange for a check. Simple.

But could it really be any easier!? A lot of individuals ask us if they must be present when the tow truck arrives. There are various reasons why you could wonder this, such as the fact that, like many of us, your employment requires you to travel away from where your vehicle is located or that you’re assisting a friend or relative who isn’t there with the disposal of a vehicle.

Can I sell a car without the owner present, you might be wondering. The quick answer is probably, we can make it work. But first, a few specifics to ensure everything goes as planned. Reach out to Cash For Cars at 760-877-5808 with any questions.

What Happens When You Can’t Be There for Pickup

If you’re unable to attend the pickup, please contact our tow partner directly to arrange (we’ll give you their contact information once we’ve matched you with a driver, so long as you accept our offer). We can send your payment to you after the sale, but you’ll need to make arrangements for someone else to be present if you want to pick up your check right away. Once more, we advise speaking with your driver to go over your alternatives.

Turning Over the Title

To get paid for your car, you’ll have to turn over the title. Make sure to inform the driver in advance if you won’t be able to do this at the time of pickup so you can talk about your choices and prevent any surprises on the day.

The Title Does Not Have to Be Signed in Person

The person who owns the car does not have to be present when the car is picked up because the title does not have to be signed in front of the driver picking up the car. As long as the title has been signed in advance, this can be completely acceptable.

What to Do if the Title Holder is Deceased

Using extra documents that enables you to use the title in its current condition, you might be able to proceed with the sale. Once you’ve accepted an offer, talk to your tow partner to see if it’ll be feasible after all. If not, you’ll probably need to transfer the title into your name; the DMV in your area can assist you with this.

We understand that selling a car can seem challenging, but at Cash For Cars, we genuinely care about making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for you, whether you plan to hand over the keys in person or prefer to relax at a beach bar while your older brother handles the details. Cash For Cars makes selling a car the simplest chore on your to-do list, regardless of how you choose to complete it.