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You know what springtime means now that it has arrived, right? Time to clear up the garage. The garage seems to be a bottomless pit for our lives out of all the places we store our belongings. Even after filling our attics, basements, and built-in storage with an abundance of toys, gadgets, and accessories, finding the mental space to create a garage is, well, challenging.

Decluttering is two-fold: choose what to discard and where to organize things. But how do you choose what to keep and what to throw away? Read on for tips. Then contact Cash For Cars at 760-877-5808 if you have a car taking up space and you’re ready to get quick cash in hand.

The Discarding Method

Prepare in advance for this task. Have buckets available if you plan to sell unwanted stuff online or through an app. If you’re hiring a professional service, such as rubbish removal, have everything planned out and ready to go. Have a specific time period reserved for your friends’ or family’s arrival if they are stopping over to pick up specified items.

Ask yourself questions of anything you’re not sure what to do with. Does this give me a good feeling? In the previous two to three years, have I used it? Ask yourself if you perceive monetary value in it if it’s something more solid, like a car or a piece of equipment. You can then decide whether to keep it or discard it.

Make “buckets” or bins that can be easily organized for the following destinations: garbage, recycling, donations, and reorganizing. The recyclables and donations in this scenario are someone else’s garbage, but they could be someone else’s treasure.

Bravo! You’re well organized. Rearrange what you’re retaining after moving your garbage, recycling, and donation boxes to their designated locations. Can we recommend a tag printer? Now that you are aware of how to discard, let’s discuss what to discard.

Getting Rid of Paint

Old paint cans, whether they are empty or not, take up a lot of room and may eventually constitute a health risk. You don’t need every can of paint from the time it took you three months to choose the ideal shade of “sage” for the kitchen, even though storing a few cans for touch-ups is practical. Be aware that paint cans can be recycled, so don’t throw them in the trash!

Old Publications and Books

Be sensible. It’s likely that you won’t read a book or magazine that you’ve kept for a while. Donating books and periodicals to your local library is a terrific idea, and giving someone new books to read can feel empowering.


We accumulate gifts over time because we don’t want to part with them. Alternatively, we store it in the garage in the hopes that we will someday remember the commitment we made to ourselves to use it. Whatever your justification, get rid of the present. It’s true what they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” The gift in and of itself is the memory you have of getting it.

Dated Automobiles

Perhaps you started looking at your car’s value right when you started reading this article; this is known as perfect timing. Perhaps you have a garage full of vintage cars that haven’t been driven out of it in years. If there wasn’t a car in the garage, it might be quite well organized.

It could be a good idea to get rid of the biggest item of clutter (and metal) in your house right now so you can pocket some additional cash. Old cars that you will never drive could be exchanged for money to buy newer (or more desirable) vehicles. The amount of money that businesses are willing to pay for even the oldest, most malfunctioning cars may surprise you; they may even arrange for free pickup.